A Spring Scarf

Spring Break is almost upon us! While my classmates and I look forward to some free time in the next week or so, it’s good to remember the men and women who risk their lives daily so that we can live in free country where we are able to receive an education. It’s about time I talked about supporting the troops.

In the knitting-donation world, organizations supporting the military are many. Regardless of duty location, knit items can be a great comfort for our brave warriors overseas. Dependable socks, colorful hats, warm scarves, are all encouraging to receive. Now, while anything handmade is not going to be ‘regulation’, it is still a valued gift for military personnel to wear when on break or at home. Further, if donations do not meet mailing restrictions, some groups will donate them instead to Wounded Warriors or veterans. You just can’t go wrong.

So, what am I making? A scarf. It’s been a while since I’ve knit a long rectangle. Black and gray are the colors, and thankfully are also good choices to fit the subdued, easy to clean requirements. (Let’s just say that fluorescent pink would not be a great yarn choice. I highly encourage donating to one of these organizations, but please read their requirements.)

This will be one of my Spring Break projects. It should be a good use of my free time.


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